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I am Felisha Moon, and I write fantasy erotica. My dream is to create and curate high-quality, diverse works that blend steamy hardcore sex with magic and wonder, exotic locales, and endless imagination.

I don’t want to limit this to the written word, either. There’s an energy to illustration and erotic art that can’t be matched by word alone. Neither can art replace the depth and detail of writing. But working together, they enhance one another. And put into comic form, they become something else again.

Who doesn't love fondling themselves on pillows?
One of my early works

My hope for this blog is that it will entertain you, tantalize you, titillate and inspire you. I want to write, draw and spotlight works that will quicken your breath, stir your loins, and fulfill your desires—and then ignite them once again.

Great erotica shouldn’t make you feel sleazy (unless you want it to!). Great erotica teases and takes your breath away. I hope you will join me on this quest—because only with practice, feedback, and communication can any art (or sexual act!) achieve greatness.

Come – Enter my fantasy.

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