Sex Tips by an Erotica Writer (Not Me!)

I recently stumbled on this article by Kristina Wright: 7 Tips For Sizzzzzzling Hot Sex (From A Smut Writer Who KNOWS)

It’s for the heterosexual female point-of-view, but it’s still got some tips I think are really viable. And hey, anyone who recommends reading lots of erotica is saying some good stuff!

What it really boils down to is communication. Kristina says it herself:

“You might have figured out by now that my sex tips all revolve around communication. Reading, sharing, talking, play acting — it’s all about removing the obstacles that hold you back from experiencing better sex.”

In the real world, communication is the best thing. Sure, you may have noticed I have a thing for noncon fantasies. But outside my head? It’s all about talking, talking, talking some more—and being respectful of your partner(s) and what they find hot!

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