Her Wings Unfurled

Amaya, king's niece and magician-in-training, has been kidnapped by a High Priest of the Sun God. He has a nefarious plan for Amaya: he is going to damage her reputation and have her sent away to a convent. But Amaya is not a shy, sad girl anymore—she is a magician, and she's not going to just give up!

Only available on Smashwords at this time.


"Can't anyone see when the High Priest lies?" Amaya shouted. "Can't you see his voice drips with snake-oil? He kidnapped me and blamed the magicians. And why are you so silent, Master Magician Emyllo, Guildmaster? You were so quiet, not wanting me to tell my father that one of his blood possessed power, that I never told the king—and look where that left me, a pawn for a priest to capture and lie about!"

The courtiers and the king stared at her with horror. The High Priest flinched away from her. Flickering caught the corners of her eyes. She looked down. Little lightning bolts flashed and played over her body, running harmlessly up her arms and legs, looping around her waist and neck. She shook off the heavy cloak she wore. So this was her physical magic, at last! Something fierce but very like joy welled up inside her, taking its place beside rage.

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