A Short History of Felisha Moon

A Short History of Felisha Moon

What, I have a history? But I just launched this website. What gives?

I’ve been writing erotica a fairly long time now. I self-published my first book in 2012. Having just graduated with a writing degree, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. The story I published was Ritual of Seduction, a revised version of a little porny story I wrote to amuse myself during university.

I was an amateur with aspirations. I shared my stories with my friends, put them on Smashwords and Amazon, and never really took myself too seriously.

The common wisdom when you write erotica and self-publish is to write a lot. Publish two stories a week and don’t bother editing, cater to the current trends, don’t spend much time marketing, and use stock images for the book covers.

I suck at following rules.

Especially when they run counter to my nature.

I don’t like stock photography covers! I don’t like writing stories quickly and not doing any editing. And with a niche like mine, finding the right readers and building trust and community is important to me.

Not to disparage other writers. You do you. And the stock photo cover trend keeps photographers in business. 

But I think I want something else for myself and my readers. Now that I have sorted out my vision, it is my intention to create the best-quality erotica, book covers, and images I can.

So, here’s the short history: I started a casual fling with erotica a few years ago, and now I’m making a more serious commitment. I’m hoping for a future full of growth and delight. 

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