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The Dragon Accepts Her Sacrifice

The Dragon Accepts Her Sacrifice

I could smell her body from across the raging waters: her fearful heart pumping rich sweet blood; the bitter odour of a delicate sweat; the tangy iron of the manacles that held her, with its creeping rust and the way it stank of the anger of those who had shackled her to the rocks. Her own people.

So I launched my sinuous body from my home, an island promontory far from the shore, and winged my way through the buffeting winds.

The rain let up by the time I landed before her. She scrambled backwards as much as her chains would allow. She lay angled over a smooth rock where such sacrifices were sometimes offered. The fear-smell thickened. Her legs had been tied apart, and the winds had whipped her dress up over her belly, so I could see the pink flesh that I desired most.

“Gentle, gentle,” I told her. My head was nearly twice the size of hers, and I knew my teeth were long and my scales looked rougher than they were. “I won’t hurt you.” She tossed soaked black hair out of her eyes. She didn’t believe me.

My long tongue lapped along her quivering legs. When my tongue reached her cunt, it took me a moment to distinguish between the salt of her skin and the salt of the sea. Then I began to taste the complexity of her flavour. As my tongue worked her clit her sweet juices began to drip. I listened to the quickening of her breath and what licks and laps elicited a gasp here or a groan there.

When I had driven her beyond terror, and she moaned loudly in harmony with the rushing wind and the smashing waves, I unfurled my body above her. She looked up in fear and hunger, and I curled my head backwards to watch how she reacted as I slowly lowered my cunt over her face. It was bigger than a human cunt, but not significantly. Human lovers in the past have told me it tastes somewhat smokey and musky, and that the taste is addictive.

She hesitated. Did she worry her little soft human tongue could not begin to pleasure me? I nudged her cheek with my big clitoris—at least, it was big by human standards: I considered it neat and small, but it wasn’t much smaller than a human male’s penis—and then adjusted my position, so that I could bump her soft adorable lips.

She opened her mouth and sucked me in deep, and it was exquisite, it was wonderful. I loved to be inside human girls, I love their little soft frail bodies, I love the tightness of their mouths and cunts around my clit, I love the way they fear me, the way fear turns to lust, the way they yield before my might and elegance. This sacrifice pleased me, and so I would continue to please her.

The Dragon Accepts Her Sacrifice Sketch

© Felisha Moon 2017

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