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Kinktober 2022 Week 1 Round Up!

As you can see, I’m doing Kinktober this year. In ink. Mostly fountain pen ink! It’s really showing me how far I have to go with anatomy and so on… I’ve got a graphic novel I’d love to make, so it’s imperative I start nailing this stuff. I’ve made my own personal prompt list for this year. I’m posting these as I make them onto my twitter, which I’ve finally dusted off and may make a serious go at.

Days 1 through 6 aren’t any specific characters.

Day 7 features characters from my current novel wip. The feathered snake people, called koasps in the novel, aren’t really monsters in the context of the world… but they sure are in the context of ours! If you’re up for hemipenes every way you can have them, oviposition and sex trees, and gods on a ringed moon, then you’ll probably enjoy the novel ~.^

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