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Kinktober 2023 – Day 2 (Spider)

The prompt for Day 2 was Spider. I meant to draw a generic sort of drow. The concept got away from me when I did some internet searching on spider sex—as you do (you probably don’t)—and discovered some species of spider practice bondage. Theoretically this is to prevent the larger female from eating the male, but considering she just breaks out afterwards and presumably holds still for the binding process to begin with, that seems pretty consensual, doesn’t it?

(Other mating rituals involve dances, males weaving ‘bridal veils,’ and building webbed dens. Spiders mildly creep me out, but learning more about how they have sex actually made me like them more. Go figure.)

My apologies to arachnophobes.

Ink and watercolour on hot press watercolour paper.

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