Fine Fantasy Erotica


Hi, I’m Felisha Moon.

I write fantasy erotica.

Art by Margaret Brundage
Art by Margaret Brundage, who illustrated many of the classic pulps – this image is the inspiration for my logo!

If you’re here, I think you probably share my love of sex writing or my love of the fantasy genre — or both!

Once upon a time, I realized that I was a fantasy geek and would be one forever. I loved fairy tales. I devoured fantasy novels from Narnia to Tortall to Middle-Earth. I entered Hyrule and Tamriel. I dabbled in D&D. I read and played and watched and breathed the genre.

At the same time, sexuality and kink intrigued me. And yet, I could find few literary cross-overs—you can find sex scenes in fantasy, but they’re seldom detailed enough for me. On the other side, a ‘sexual fantasy’ seemed to involve such blasé topics as the girl next door, the pizza delivery guy, and a host of same-y alpha males in business suits.*

Where were my elves? Where was fierce and primal fairy sex? Why couldn’t these fantasies take place in far-away palaces? While there are definitely some works that fit the bill, they were too far and few between.

My Fantasy

What I wanted was a place I could go to find high-quality fantasy erotica. I wanted stuff that didn’t make me feel sleazy to read it, even if it depicted violence, kink or taboo subjects. I wanted a space where I could indulge in a host of sexual fancies (whereof I was commander).

So I decided to write it myself. (Hey, my degree in creative writing needs to come in handy sometime.)

I hope you’ll enjoy these fantasies as much as I did creating them. Actually, I hope you’ll enjoy them more. Preferably somewhere private, with the candles lit, a mug of tea on hand, and with at least one hand free.

Come — Enter my fantasy.

*I hate business suits, but that’s a me problem. Feel free to find them hot!